Welcome to a safe haven. awaken your senses & sip the mystery.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Fairfax, an oasis of deliciousness awaits you. A full service tea house and Kava bar featuring organic bone broth, house-made healing elixirs & tasty Middle Eastern treats. Weekly live music, tarot readings, and performances. Step in, connect & be transported~

This tea lounge is a little Shangri-La in downtown Fairfax.
— Kevin B.
Upon entering you are often told to “make yourself at home” and this little spot really does the job of such. A very comfortable and welcoming environment, Tracy and all other staff members are incredibly kind and attentive. This is a place you can come for excellent drinks and snacks or to just hang out with some good people.
Delicious teas and elixirs, the moonshine is amazing and does wonders for your energy/mood.
— Michelle H.