Wu Wei Tea Temple is honored to offer some of the finest Kava you will ever taste. Kava is a 3,000-year old beverage made from the root and stump of Piper Methysticum, a close relative to black pepper.  The name Kava comes from the people of Vanuatu, rumored to be the historical guardians and agricultural architects of the plant. Vanuatu is a set of islands roughly 750 miles west of Fiji. 

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All of our Kava has been certified "Noble." Our Kava comes from Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Tonga. We serve both lateral roots and stump roots, and often combine the two. 

If you are new to Kava, we'd love to introduce you to it through a beautiful ceremony called "Bula". This experience is an opportunity to let go of whatever keeps you from being present in the moment and welcome in who you truly are without constant mental distraction. 

Kava is a wonderful alternative to alcohol, relaxing  the body and expanding the mind. Many people find that Kava helps them feel more loving, heart-centered & chilled out. Our Kava is made fresh daily, and is available pure, or blended with other tasty elements into a variety of succulent elixir drinks. 

I’m a new customer at Wu Wei Tea and I have to say this place is a hidden gem! My friend introduced me and it’s a pleasant experience every time I visit! When I go in I feel so welcomed and at peace. I’ve never had Kava before until visiting Wu Wei, and I have to say it’s life changing. I’ve also tried their “Magician Tea” which is so warm and delicious!
— Kelly T.