Elixirs & Bone Broth

Tasty hand-blended elixir drinks feature medicinal ingredients. Concocted to balance, calm or energize  you. Everything made fresh in-house. From golden milk, to steaming spiced cacao blends, our signature tastes will transport you.


We offer nourishing bone broth from The Bone Broth Company,  Sebastopol, CA. All bones (chicken and beef) are from pasture-raised animals that are never given antibiotics . In our broth, we combine both chicken and beef bones into a rich blend that helps rebuild tissue in the body and reduce inflammation. We also have bone broth to take home, in 28 ounce quarts (frozen).

My new favorite hang out. Never was into ‘tea’ but now I’m hooked on their menu - Kava, Raw Chocolate drinks, bone broths, and specialty teas that.. Well, I WAS a coffee lover... The atmosphere is welcoming, relaxed, artistic. Certainly a community gathering for young and old alike; a place for lovers, singles, business connections or groups to gather around and reconnect; or just drink, draw, write and soak in the creativity. There are evenings for open mike, creative expression and friendly support of artistic expressions. Local or passing by - It’s an experience with love-filled drinks that nurture the soul.
— Jac J.